Our weather station is on-line

Our Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus weather station is now on-line. The data gets streamed to Weather Underground and the current conditions as well as the historical data since the station went on-line can be found here: http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/WXDailyHistory.asp?ID=KAZGILBE25.

Mac version of the programming software for Uniden scanners

I have a couple of Uniden scanners (BCD996T and BDC396XT). There are several versions of software to program and otherwise control them from Windows. I'm trying to consolidate all of my software on my MacBook Pro so I thought of writing the programming and control software for Uniden's DMA scanners (which includes the BCD996T and BCD396XT among others). I realize that I could run the Windows programming software in a virtual machine but I'd rather have a native solution. The communication protocol is publicly available so this project should be feasible.

iPhone application to track the light rail in Phoenix

I had the idea of an iPhone application that would give the schedule for the light rail system in the Phoenix area as well as giving the position of the trains on a map. They supposedly have GPS receivers on them to let Valley Metro know where they are but they don't seem to be publishing that information on the Internet at this time. With this information the application could make predictions on when the next train will arrive at the station you're interested in. Until the position data is publicly available (if it ever is), this is just an idea.

Loan Calculator

I originally wrote this Java application for my dad who wanted a simple way to calculate a payment for given loan terms. You simply enter the principal amount, interest rate and how often it's compounded, the term, and press the "Calculate" button to get the payment.

Just unzip the file into its own directory and double-click the "Loan Calculator.jar" file. You need Java installed to run it.

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